I do what I do because it helps give or create an opportunity for people who are less fortunate to be involved in something which makes a difference to their livelihood, communities, the environment and our overall well-being because someone gave me an opportunity when I needed it the most and this is how I am paying it forward.

                                                                                                         - Vikas (Vik) Prakashan


By providing dynamic consulting, service and via unique product partnerships, which creates opportunities for the less fortunate and brings communities, businesses and countries together for both mutual benefit and to help protect the environment for our future generations.


Our core values for our social cause objectives comprise of:

  • Credibility, Integrity and trust.

  • Vantage Point will operate locally and globally safely as per our core values and will follow the same protocol in our dealings with all personnel and companies. Respect for animals, humanity and our environment. We will not compromise any of our core values for profit or production.


To become a highly credible social cause business, with strong integrity in the market and trust with people, businesses, communities and the environment, which in turn helps clients save money, promote their brand value, help the less fortunate people and improve their livelihood, environment  and the economy in the process.